About Wisteria Group

Established in 2010, Wisteria Group comprises of Wisteria (SMC-Private) LimitedWisteria Energy (SMC-Private) LimitedWisteria Insulation (Private) Limited, and Wisteria Projects (Private) Limited.

Wisteria Group operates from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and has business in more than 10 countries working with more than 100 clients worldwide.

We have offices in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Australia, and Canada.

We offer a number of products and services to our clients:

  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency:

  1. Photovoltaic Systems - on grid/ off grid
  2. Wind Turbines - on grid/ off grid
  3. Energy Efficient Lighting - import/ export, design, simulations, supply, retrofits - as turn-key and interim projects
  4. Insulation Systems - design, simulations, installation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  1. Active and Inactive Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Excipients - Import/ Export
  2. Pharmaceutical Machinery - Import/ Export, Installation, Commissioning, Repairs
  3. Pharmaceutical Finished Dosage Forms - in/out licensing
  4. Nutraceuticals/ Probiotics/ Food Supplements
  5. Industrial and Specialty Chemicals
  6. Building Materials
  7. Calibration and instrumentation

Please visit our products and services pages or contact us for more information on how we may help you.

Our Mission

We are aimed at emerging as a world-class company, delivering high-quality technological solutions to our clients, as per clients’ desired quality standards, and in conformity and accordance with the guidelines laid down by the international regulatory authorities and/ or organizations, acting as a profit maximizing firm, looking forward to operating on an international scale, having a sound vision, possessing skilled, talented, and highly motivated personnel, carrying hands-on experience in the products and services we offer to our clients, keeping abreast of developing technologies and integrating them into our toolset - for a happier, healthier society enjoying a cleaner, greener environment.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a customer focused, vendor independent, business driven, time efficient, cost effective company; our goal is to create business value for our clients, being unbiased, suggesting best-fit solutions to the clients – to contribute to our clients’ success, building goodwill, demonstrating competence, delivering unmatched performance, earning trust, getting engaged in long term business relations, attracting new clients, maintaining a first-class reputation for the products and services we offer.